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Private Bae Day Excursions

SOS Romance Planning Services' Day Trips

All excursions can be purchased directly with SOS Romance Planning Services. 

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Fresh Mojito

Mixology Class

Minimum 8 people required.  RSVP only
$100 per person.

This class is your bartending 101 guide into spirits, cordials, and all the tools of the craft

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Burlesque Dance class

Minimum 5 people required. RSVP only
$30 per person

Learn striptease, chair dance, stocking peels, fan dance, tassel-twirling, and more!


Whiskey Tasting

6 people per session max
$25 per person

Take a journey into a country's whiskies and makers, including recommended bottles and styles, as well as insider information on how distilleries make their unique offerings.

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Multnomah/Columbia River Gorge Tour

 3.5 hours tour

$70 per person

Escape the city and explore some of greater Portland's most scenic falls. Set out to see Multnomah Falls as well as other falls along the Columbia River Gorge, home to the largest concentration of waterfalls in the country.


Bike Around Portland

3 hour tour
$55 per person

It's all about the bike ride! We like to spend more time riding in small groups, but always stopping to smell the roses on this sweet 9-11 mile ride.


Hike and Bike to Columbia River Gorge

5 hour tour
$90 per person

Our tour provides the best of its category -- best bicycles, best guides, best vehicles, best snacks! Our tour also provides the most active hiking and visits waterfalls you will not see on other tours.


Columbia River Gorge Air Tour

20 minutes for only 2 people per slot.

Soar over the Columbia River Gorge on a sightseeing flight that takes you from Portland to the scenic gorge.

Small Plane

Downtown Portland Air Tour

20 minutes for only 2 people per slot.

There’s something special about this skyline, especially downtown Portland.It’s a beautiful city to look at, and even better when flying above and around it.


Brewery Bike Tour

 3 hour tour

$80 per person

Explore beautiful central Portland and sample some of the city’s iconic brews on this afternoon bike tour.


Craft Brewery Walking Tour

3 hour tour
$60 per person

Portland is a beer drinker’s dream. It can be hard to decide where to start, so this craft brewery tour takes you to a handful of the best on the city’s East Side.

Colorful Donuts

Donut Walking Tour

2 hour tour
$36 per person

Ready to celebrate donuts in all their glory? This tour is for anyone who truly enjoys donuts. At each location, you'll be able to try a curated sample of one of that location's best donuts.

Chocolate Bites

Chocolate Walking Tour

2.5 hour tour
$60 per person

Portland's chocolate scene is overwhelming; let us navigate you through its origins, passionate makers, and diversity with this walking tour that delves into what some call "decadence" but we call "delight." Chocolate is a virtue!

Image by Bellava G

Portland Ghost Tour

1 hour tour
$27 per person

Our expert local guides will take you past the modern identity of Portland back to a more dangerous era, where murders, kidnappings, and organized crime could be found behind most of the elegant storefronts of the city.